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resume tip sheet

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Extracurricular activities can include clubs, associations, community or campus activities, hobbies or sports. Résumé resources available at the Academic Advising career Centre winning Résumés and cover Letters Workshop. Students who have never written a résumé or would like to update their résumé should attend the winning Resumes and cover Letters workshop. Sign up is available on the Intranet. Trained senior students can help you one-on-one to develop an effective résumé and cover letter. Employment peer counsellors are available in the aa cc (Room AC213). Sign up 24 hours in advance via the Intranet. Looking for more examples of successful résumés, or maybe some dynamic words to spice up your descriptions?

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List your degree(s) and diploma(s with date(s) of completion or expected date(s) of completion, program/area of study, and educational institution(s in resume reverse chronological order (most recent first). You may want to include selected courses, Grade point average (GPA) (include scale awards, academic achievements, thesis or research topic, if relevant to the position to which you are applying. This can include work experience, volunteer experience, extracurricular, and even course projects if highly relevant. Experiences are listed in reverse chronological order within each section (date, position, organization). Think about highlighting career-related experiences by grouping them into relevant and Additional categories, or into areas of expertise such as teaching, public Relations, Administrative, field Work, laboratory, or Programming. Include volunteer and extracurricular experiences that demonstrate leadership, communication, interpersonal, time management, teamwork, organizational and other skills. When describing your experiences be direct, assertive, honest, but not modest. Use point-form statements, the beginning with positive action words to describe your — include results if relevant. Accomplishment-based words include terms like: achieved, attained, established, improved, motivated, refined, and spearheaded. Volunteer and extracurricular experiences are often listed in their own sections in a chronological résumé. For skillsbased résumés, group your experiences into relevant categories such as, communication, Analytical, computer, and include a brief work chronology toward the end of the résumé.

Contact information and objective generally appear first, but after that the order may vary depending on the position to which you are applying (you will want to put the most relevant information first when possible). Name, address, phone number, e-mail and fax (if available). Make sure the employer developer has a clear way of contacting you or leaving a message. Be brief, specific, short-term, honest and relate to the career area/position you are applying. Academic Advising career Centre: A team of professionals who advise, counsel and coach individuals with their learning and career development. january 2011, source;. Academic Advising career Centre.

resume tip sheet

Resume references: When and How to list References on a resume

This works best when you have a ellington clear career goal and directly related work, volunteer or academic experience. The focus is on skills, and draws on all your experiences, allowing you to effectively present skills developed in your academic and extracurricular activities. This works best when you have little direct experience and want to emphasize transferable skills and abilities. As the name implies, this combines the best of both of the above formats. This works well when work experience is in several areas or there are gaps in your employment history. Some employers prefer the chronological format because it is clear and easy to follow. However, you should choose the format that most effectively markets your skills and what you can contribute. Typical Components of a résumé While there is a tremendous variety in the way you can present your information in a résumé, there are standard components that should always be included.

If applying to an advertised position, you can gain a lot of information on the employers needs from the job posting itself. Remember, the most effective résumés demonstrate to the employer that you have the skills and abilities they require. Give specific examples of when you developed and used these skills. If you are applying for a position that does not have a detailed posting describing the required skills, you may wish to consult resources in the career Resource library located in the Academic Advising career Centre (aa cc). Research occupations to see what skills employers typically look for using The job Hunters Word Finder, our occupational binders, the internet-based Career Cruising and other similar job listings on the career Centre (CC) Online. Styles of Résumés everyone has a different opinion of what a résumé should look like — there is no one right format. The most important thing is to choose the right style for you — depending on how your experience matches up to the position requirements. There are three basic types of resumes: chronological, functional (or skills-based and modified chronological. Information is presented in reverse chronological order, with the focus on work experience.

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resume tip sheet

3 main Resume formats Examples in ms word

Margin for error, taking the time to create and carefully proofread a résumé that really highlights your. Résumé magic for additional samples. The résumé did you know? Did you know that employers spend an average of only 10 - 20 seconds reading a résumé for the first time or that 85 of employers will stop reading a résumé with spelling or grammatical errors? With such a small margin for error, taking the time to create and carefully proofread a résumé that really highlights your most relevant skills and experiences is definitely worth resume the effort! A good salesperson articulates the key selling points of their product to potential customers.

They focus on the needs of the customer, while trying to point out the best qualities of the product. In this case, the product is you and your skills, and the customer is your future employer. What unique attributes/skills do you have to offer the employer? Your skills are competencies you have developed through your work, volunteer, extra-curricular and academic experiences. Some of the most frequently requested skills include communication, leadership, multitasking, writing, using computers, teaching, and organization. To learn more about what skills you have to offer, sign up for a discover your skills career Options workshop on the Intranet. Know the customers needs.

Talk about participating in tough tasks that help focus teams. Speak of trust as being essential to teamwork. Say that you were part of a team that succeeded in reaching a unified goal. The difficulty comes in making clear for which portion of the teams production you can take a bow. You must separate your contribution from the groups. If you dont, you chance being looked upon as one who falsely claims credit for work you didnt.

Give examples of leadership. Even as organizational structures flatten, every team needs a leader — unless youre headed for a support job where leadership is a liability. In the same vein, vision and drive are desirable characteristics. What did you originate, initiate, spearhead, or propose? What have coworkers praised about you? What suggestions have employers accepted from you? Resume basics: How to Protect your Personal Information. Protecting personal information is always a good idea, but especially so with digital resumes. When it comes to resumes and the Internet, identity theft is a huge concern.

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Discuss an upward track record. Without mentioning dollar amounts, style yourself as a winner by mentioning that you received promotions, awards, and bonuses. Showcase anything that you did in the top 5 percent of company performance ratings or that received recognition and praise. Employers are impressed with the cream of the crop. Dont apologize on your resume for any weakness that you may observe in your professional self. Until you can do something about it, like get additional education or experience, dont even think about shortcomings, write and they certainly dont belong on your resume. Discuss teamwork in job resume descriptions, giving specific examples and results. Employers love the word teamwork. They like team building, too.

resume tip sheet

For mobile resumes presented on small screens, consider 11-point to 14-point type. Answer the so what? This question is hidden and lying in deed ambush in every employers mind. Forget about sticking to the old routine. Every single time you mention a duty or accomplishment, pretend someone fires back: so what? What does it all mean? Imagining these questions isnt really pretending — these are employer responses. If you can answer these by describing the challenge you faced, the actions you took, and the results you attained, youll have a recipe for success.

and. Until you know whom and what you are dealing with, you arent prepared to make a compelling case for yourself. Use an uncluttered, eye-catching design. If your resume is busy and packed with content, it will cause employers to stop reading and move on to the next candidate. Pay attention to layout and typeface choice, as well as the openness effect of white space. Good type choices include times New Roman, Arial, calibri or Helvetica, but there are others as well. If you can use an 11-point font, do so — its easier on the eyes.

Show your skills by creating a focused gift resume that shows point for point how you fit into the companys big picture. 9 ways to bulletproof your Resume. Write a strong resume that gets you noticed. The following tips help you work up a great resume that sells your skills instead of ending up in the reject bin. Keywords help employers find out whether youre a player for the job theyre filling. Industry-specific jargon counts for keywords. For example, series 7 licensing for brokers and triage for nurses. Noun phrases indicate qualifications for requirements, such as word processing, supply chain management, and product launches.

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Copyright ragsac/iStock, adding numbers to your resume is a great way to show employers what you have accomplished at work. . Not all of your achievements will be quantifiable, but many of them can. Review these tips to find your achievements that can be quantified, along with the thesis best language to use to frame those accomplishments. Careers, find a job, resumes, resumes For Dummies Cheat Sheet, cheat Sheet. Your resume is you in paper (or electronic) form. Its the first glimpse employers get of the value you can bring to their company. Your resume should tell a compelling story of who you are and what you can do, especially in a tough economic environment or when youre moving from one career to another.

resume tip sheet
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